Reckless Serenade

Liana, 20, vet med student and aspiring eventer.
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So jealous of Reed’s new indoor 😍

Reed’s new indoor? Isn’t she training with Marcus Ehning now? So it wouldn’t really be hers, or am I not getting something xD

Noo, new indoor at the Kessler property.

Helloooo, pretty boy!
Winter ‘13

DSC_0258 by caronova on Flickr.


we all have those days.

literally the most accurate thing ever
Eventer turned dressage pony?!

What kind of horse is Dudley? He's very handsome ^_^


He’s a Belgian Warmblood. Thank you, he knows it! :)

Life’s good
This is my best friend and her OTTB, Cory. He’s been off the track since December last year and in Taryn’s care since then. Yesterday they went for their first ever cross country event and I think the look on her face says it all.
caterpiii: by Animal Photography stock images on Flickr.